Promotional Items

Distribution of gifts such as promotional clothing, stationery, office supplies, umbrellas etc. among existing clients, potential customers, and employees helps promote the name of your brand. The more useful the item is, the better is your chance of sticking your brand in their minds for a longer time.

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Certain promotional items are less ideal than others. Printing your logo in napkins, for example, is not ideal because clients are unconsciously throwing away your brand in the rubbish bin. A floor mat is also not ideal because people will be cleaning their dirty shoes on your brand. Lighters are also not a good choice because people will use them to set things on fire or light their cigarettes with them.

This is why, out of all promo items around, clothing makes for a great marketing tool. It is a cost-effective way to promote your brand, and it will be a long-lasting form of showcasing your logo, brand, name of your company, and even a written message. For example, you could distribute sports clothing for cyclists, who will wear your brand while cycling long distances and performing healthy activities. It is a win-win situation right there because of the positive association of a pleasant activity, a healthy lifestyle, and your brand. Think of them as a free mobile billboard for your company.

The most common promo clothes distributed are printed caps and shirts. Clients and employees will wear them during corporate events, trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, panel discussions, meetings, seminars, and so on. You can also gift polo shirts, jackets, sports clothes as mentioned above for cyclists or football players, golf wears, hoodies, short- and long-sleeved shirts, among others. Just make sure that your chosen gift matches the image of your company - a golf wear is more sophisticated than a printed cap.

Promo clothing can also be double as work wear. Clients see your crew as more prepared and more professional. The perception is that your organisation is more trustworthy as well. Workers are always well-groomed and well-dressed, which simplify their lives early in the morning by not having to choose what to wear on that day. And the environment creates a culture of people who are proud to wear your company's brand in their chests.

You should also consider connecting your brand and the promo item you chose with a certain season, celebration, or holiday. This way, you can maximise your marketing budget.

And speaking of stretching your budget, you should strive for a balance between quality of the clothing, as high as possible, and the price of the items you choose, as low as possible. Naturally, these two goals are incompatible. However, avoid sacrificing quality over quantity. You will be better off having less quantity of higher quality items than the opposite. Remember that gifting durable items is also a characteristic that will be transferred to your brand.

And, finally, choose colours and designs that complement your brand. A good designer will guide you on the psychology of colours and the value attributed to each of them, in case you have more than one palette to choose from.